Taking the stress out of moving

Published Oct 26, 2016 – 2 mins read

There are so many things to take into account when moving from one home to another; the whole process can often turn out to be overwhelming for the people involved. Taking note of these tips on how to move home without stress will give you a much greater chance of success; after all, taking care of the small tasks at hand will often lead to a smooth relocation.

Why Friday actually isn’t the best day to move

This point alone will determine not only how you prepare for the impending move, but also what type of help you will need to pull it off. According to a recent survey most people prefer to move Friday because ‘it allows them the weekend to unpack and settle into their new home, without taking too much time off work’. As well as this, it’s also thought to cause less disruption to the ‘housing chain, as most other people will opt to move on a Friday’.

However, Friday isn’t necessarily the best day to make a move. On the odd occasion bank money transfers can get overloaded, especially if you plan on moving at the end of month and the day lands on a Friday. In addition to this, if there is a problem when you move into your new home it could prove difficult and expensive to hire a tradesman; particularly if something needs to be fixed Friday afternoon or over the weekend. Ideally you would look to move on a Monday which is far cheaper and allows you the week to pack/unpack.

Law firms, estate agents and removal companies will also be a lot busier on Friday’s. With the removal firm (local removal firms in Yorkshire include; Gillard’s Removal and Storage and Jack Bird Removals to name a few) it shouldn’t cost you anymore, but you might find that they, already have limited availability so you’ll need to get in early. Which leads onto the next point preparation, preparation, preparation.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Until you start packing you will never know how many items you have. Secure packaging can make a substantial difference in the condition of your possessions, so it’s important you ensure you have enough boxes, tape, and bubble wrap readily available. A top tip is to start collecting materials as soon as possible; whether this is taking boxes that are no longer in use or purchasing new ones; the further you get ahead the easier your move.

Moving is also a great time to offload items that you rarely use. You should begin by creating a checklist of every room and sorting through things accordingly. Any small items that can be wrapped and made easier for transport should be placed in one room, where larger items i.e. furniture is placed in another.

It will be beneficial to wrap as many of your items as possible – With bed mattresses you may wish to consider buying a bed bag, a sofa bag for your sofas and removal blankets for your furniture. On the day of moving the whole exercise is made a lot easier if your items are divided by big and small which allows Removal companies to pack the truck more efficiently and quicker – Naturally, due to how unpredictable British weather can be, by wrapping your possessions up, if it does rain they will be protected as well.

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